We know what you want to know! Here are the answers to the most common questions. Have other questions? Our Clambake Event Specialists are available at 631.324.8620 to help ensure your event is perfect.

How do I plan a party?

It couldn’t be easier. Call our Clambake Event Specialists at info@hamptonclambake.com or 631.324.8620. For most events we can finalize the plans in just a few emails.

Is there a minimum number of guests?

For Saturdays and holiday periods we have a 25 guest minimum. For other nights we’ll entertain groups of 15. Please know that because we build our kitchens on the beach we have a minimum number of staff to execute the perfect clambake. For that reason the per person cost may be higher for smaller groups.

I only have a few people. What can I do?

We offer Clambakes-To-Go. If you want to cook it at home we’ll give you all you need to make your own perfect clambake — even the pot to cook it in.

Want to go to the beach instead? We’ll prepare the food for you and pack it in a thermal cooler. We’ll also provide a custom picnic basket with everything you’ll need to set up your own clambake on the beach. You can pick it up at our shop or, if we have a party at a convenient beach, you can pick it up there.

What if it rains?

 We like to say it never rains on our parties. But if it does we’d typically move the feast to your house.

Do I need a permit?

Each town and village has different rules. We can help you find the perfect beach for your event. We’ll fill out any permit applications if needed.

What about alcohol?

We can provide a full bar program or just beer and wine for your event. We need 3 weeks to get a permit from New York State. If you want to provide your own alcohol we’ll provide all the ice, mixers, fruit, etc. to make a full catering bar.

When does the party start?

All Hampton Clambake beach events are scheduled to start at 7:30. We’re allowed to drive onto the beach at 6:00 to begin our setup. Of course, parties at your home can start anytime you want.

When does the party end?

Most events wind down around 10:30 to guarantee compliance with noise rules. We need to be off the beach by 11:00.

What’s included in the menu price?

Each menu is priced to include all the food and disposable ware for you to enjoy the feast. We’ll provide you a quote with other needed items like tables, chairs, linen, lighting and staff. New York State requires it’s cut, too, so tax will be added to the total.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

Our Clambake Event Specialists are available by email at info@hamptonclambake.com or 631.324.8620. No question is unreasonable to make sure you have the event you’ll always remember.